Fabrication & Manufacturing

Come and take a tour of Airside Sheet Metal Fabricators, Inc. advanced 38,000 SF fabrication shop.  We love to show where we manufacture the highest quality Duct work.  Our shop contains multiple automated machines and equipment, including dedicated semi-trailers for delivery to accommodate all the metal fabrication requirements of any project in New Jersey. With […]

Large Rectangular Duct

This 75,000 SF data center located in NJ was constructed in 2014. This project’s massive cooling load was quenched by the large rectangular ductwork Airside fabricated and installed. Ductwork of this magnitude was simply measured by feet instead of inches so manufacturing the fittings for these giants was by no means easy, but was pretty […]

Galvannealed Round Duct Fabrication

Airside fabricated round spiral duct and manufactured round fittings for this facility in Springfield, NJ. The exposed ductwork was manufactured in gavannealed steel in order to be painted in areas where the architecture sought to conceal the duct into the background. Other locations highlighted the duct as a feature of the industrial aesthetic the design […]

Barn Cupola

Airside fabricated custom sheet metal barn cupola. Specialty items like this one are not uncommon around the Airside fabrication shop. Whatever the customer’s needs are, we aim to deliver.

Large Diameter Spiral

Airside was contracted to Fabricate, Transport and Install this 56” Galvanized spiral pipe for a regional Events Center/ Arena. This large spiral ductwork shown was fabricated in Airside’s top of the line facility. Airside can manufacture spiral pipe from 4” to 56” in Galvanized, Galvanneal, PCD, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Custom Black Iron Welded Grease Duct

Black Iron Welded Grease Duct custom fabricated for a kitchen hood. Space restrictions required this exhaust duct to be rolled and welded looking much like the Flat Oval Spiral Ductwork Airside Manufactures. Whatever a project needs, Airside can help you meet your ductwork and metal fabrication needs!

100″ Round Duct Fabrication

Airside was contracted to fabricate and install 100″ round duct for an industrial-sized cooling project. Using a combination of spiral duct and welded round duct, this massive project was accomplished. As a testament to Airside’s manufacturing abilities, this giant ductwork was fabricated, transported, and then installed ALL by Airside!

Stainless Steel Duct Fittings

This is a sample of duct fittings Airside manufactured out of stainless steel. These fittings were important for an industrial project right here on the east coast. Airside is capable of utilizing a multitude of materials to fabricate anything that you could possibly need.

Custom Vehicle Fabrication

This truck needed a great deal of customized metal work in order to perform the required functions once put into the field. Airside custom fabricated all of the metal work shown on top of a truck frame which included a great deal of welding. Upon completion, this maintenance vehicle was immediately put into service and […]

Roof Rails

Every rooftop installation can benefit from properly fabricated roof rails. That’s why Airside fabricates roof rails to any length required and delivers to nearly anywhere on the east coast. If you need sheetmetal fabricated, contact Airside today!